“Change the way you look at things and the things

you look at change” Michael Michalko


“What we think or what we know or what we believe is in the end of little consequence.​The only thing of consequence ​is what we do” John Ruskin​

​“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse” Ryan Blair

Bespoke Pamper wellbeing sessions available.

Short courses run on an ongoing basis for 6-8 weeks (2 hours per week) or workshops, taster sessions and talks given.

Offered at the smallholding Meadowsweet Clinic or can be offered elsewhere.  These can also be offered on line.

Examples of courses offered, but can make bespoke courses to meet your needs

  • Herbs -History, uses, identification and making herbal remedies. See Herbs and Health
  • A holistic approach to Wellbeing. Looking and discussing different worlds and setting goals in areas where you want to initiate change, using resources/coping strategies which I will discuss. We can also incorporate finding meaningful activities to help improve Wellbeing too.
  • Therapeutic interventions in nature. Can include aspects of herb foraging, relaxation exercises and being mindful and more.
  • Weight Management. Lots of information sheets about food and we look at ways to increase activity and motivational strategies. Using hypnotherapy, to help change habits as well as feeling better about oneself. See also Therapies and info on Nutrition and Weight management.

Other bespoke training available.

  • Stress and anxiety management.
  • Coping strategy training and 1 to 1 TSI Job Coaching offered if you have a health or disability. If you are at risk of losing your employment, or want help in work, or if you are an employer and need help with an employee. Qualified and experienced in offering specialised coaching and solutions within the workplace.
  • Employability/Preparation for work
    Personal development , confidence and self- awareness
  • Self Help toolbox gaining a range of techniques to manage anxiety and stress.

Vouchers available for presents

Rickter scale training

Training individuals to become practitioners in the use of the Rickter scale process.
The Rickter Scale is a unique multi-sensory assessment and evaluation tool, enabling one to work holistically and more effectively with individuals and groups. Using the Rickter Scale, individuals can set realistic and achievable goals, contribute to an action plan and help to determine the appropriate level of support they require. Companies can use the process to measure ‘soft’ outcomes and ‘distance travelled’ which can also help meet the needs of funders.

Different overlays are available to meet the need for different applications and client groups.
An example may be for managers to gain training initially in stress management from me & then become qualified to use the Rickter scale process with staff. The stress management overlay can then be used by the manager, to identify and assess need and to make reasonable adjustments and so find solutions to reduce long term absenteeism and develop a happier and healthier team.

Please Contact me direct for further information and details of training.

Please contact me for all course dates and further information or to arrange your own bespoke course or talk.