Paula's Wild Herb Garden

Hippocrates said “Nature itself is the best physician”

Herbs and Nature

Herbalism is one of the oldest form of medicine. Organic herbs or wild harvested are full of a range of bio chemistry and nutrients, naturally trying to work with the body organs/processes.

“Pursuing natural solutions. Nature has equipped living beings with the means to their own innate power for survival and self-healing.
Helping to balance, support and cleanse, with the provision of plants and herbs to help supply medicine” Association of Master Herbalists

I am very passionate about wildflowers and herbs and grow a vast range in my secret wild garden.
I am keen for you to grow your own medicine chest or wild forage safely and sustainably, with respect for the environment.
I show ways on how to create your own medicine and nutrition to improve your own health, self healing and self care and how connecting with nature can enhance wellbeing.


Paula's Herb Garden


Bespoke Wellbeing pamper sessions.
1. Herbs and their uses and how nature can be therapeutic.

    • How to use herbs and the natural world for self care and self healing. Making your own herbal remedy​ and how to grow your own medicine chest
    • Enjoy a relaxation session linked to nature. Take a hypnotherapy relaxation audio home. Try mindfulness.
    • Have a go at some nature creative writing or other creative nature activity.

2. Coaching

    • Look at Physical, Personal and Social and Spiritual worlds, and find meaningful activities and your authentic self. Create an action plan to help you make the changes you want.

3. Relaxation

    • Relax in the yurt, access to a library of books on herbs and the natural world and more.
    • Relax in the sauna and hot tub.
    • Enjoy a relaxing treatment of reflexology or Indian head massage.

I offer regular 6-8 week (2 hours pw) Herb or Wellbeing courses at my clinic and smallholding in Carleton Rode.

Interior of clinic - Meadowsweet
Interior of clinic - Meadowsweet
Interior of clinic - Meadowsweet
Interior of clinic - Meadowsweet

​I also offer Workshops and Talks and Walks.   Please get in touch if you want more information.

​​Holism is an integration of things that are thought to be greater than the sum of their parts. A holistic approach to health includes awareness and acknowledgement of the body and mind connection.
Therapy knowledge and other approaches can complement a herbal remedy, especially when treating depressive and anxiety states.

“Herbs are food, just as carrots, potatoes, cabbage, onion are herbs, so are comfrey, yellow dock root and lobelia. There are thousands of these precious herbs growing around us and some even in our doorways waiting patiently for us to use them for our better health” Dr Christopher 1996

I am also trained to assist clients through nutrition and other natural healing and naturopathic techniques, in order to balance, support and cleanse the body. Keeping one`s immune system strong and sometimes, using special herbal cleanses of the bowel, liver and kidney may be able to help stimulate the body`s innate power of self- healing and can help you to engage and be proactive in your own healing process.

I have set up a discount with Natural Dispensary  All you need to do is quote the code Meadowsweet0125 to ensure that you receive your 12.5% discount on a range of nutritional supplements, once you have had a consultation with me.

“It is important to know what sort of person has a disease, than what sort of disease a person has”

I make up different types of individual herbal formulas in the kitchen pharmacy.
Plants may have the ability to synthesize a wide variety of chemical compounds that may be used to perform important biological functions. Many of these phytochemicals may have a beneficial effect to promote health and to help prevent and treat disease.

One plant may have up to 200 compounds, with it`s own in built safety, hence the need to use the whole herb, and not isolate constituents. Herbs are used depending on their actions, energetics and qualities and affinities to one`s body and condition.

`Adaptogen` herbs, are particularly important as they may help increase stamina, by helping the body to adapt and gain relief from stress, by increasing resistance to a range of stressors, supporting normal metabolic function and helping to restore balance.

Herbs can help people with many health conditions such as:
Stress and anxiety and CFS or ME (see adaptogen herbs above, relaxing and nervine tonic herbs too). Also skin conditions, migraine and headaches, digestive disorders, weight problems, cardiovascular problems, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, PMT/PMS, menopause, chronic fatigue and depression, arthritis,anxiety, infections, hay fever, sinus congestion, flu, tonsillitis, parasitic and fungal conditions.
Flowers, roots, stems, seeds, fruit, leaves, bark can all be used, depending on the plant, condition and individual treated.

Iridology may also be used during consultation, as it may be able to help to assess your constitution and herbs and naturopathic support for your constitution. It states, that the body is mapped in the iris of the eye. Examining the iris may help to see possible inherited and acquired constitutional traits, which may be used to assess health status and potential.

Herbal remedies, whether tinctures, teas, powders, ointments, hydrosols and in other forms, are all made up specially to meet your individual needs, depending whether taken internally or externally. The aim is to establish the underlying cause of the condition, rather than just treat the symptoms.

“Herbalist in every home, a practitioner in every town” Dr Christopher

Please always inform me if you are on any medication, whether prescribed by a medical practitioner or self-prescribed. Many medications may be contra indicated to herbs.
Also many herbs are not safe if you are pregnant and you will need specialist guidance.
​You may need to consult your GP before taking any herbs.​​

Herbal products are mainly organic and top quality and are all individually made up.

Herbal tinctures are all individually made up, after a medical consultation (£50)…however some set formulas may help with sleep, energy and stress, memory, male tonics, liver cleanse, menopause, menstrual issues, CFS/ME, digestive formulas, respiratory formulas, anxiety and depressive conditions and more

Herbal teas can be made up for many conditions. Try a tea that may help you relax and sleep or a tea to help your digestion or for memory or urinary issues and more…

Herbal ointments can be included for damaged or aching joints & muscles or cuts, grazes, wounds, splinters.
I make my own herbal healing ointment (General ointment for use for cuts, grazes, helps stop itching, eczema etc)

Aromatic Waters include Rose, orange blossom, Queen of Hungary, lavender, rose geranium…..

Powders, creams (with aromatic waters and essential oils), such as rose, capsules, bowel cleanse powder formula, essential oils, Bach flower remedies.